Product Line

Flex wheels, flap discs and cutting-off wheels
Applicable for grinding, cutting, and grooving (fluting) of various materials. For Angle grinding machines there are available standard wheels of diameters: 115, 125, 150, 180, 230 mm. For friction saw machines there are wheels of diameters 250, 300, 350, 400, 500 and 600. Working speed 80 m/s, and some wheels up to 100 m/s.

Grinding wheels with vitrified ceramic bonds
Wide range of products at size from 5mm to 1600 mm and shapes: flat, tapered, conical, cylindrical, relieved, dish and pot shaped, modular, etc. Peripheral working speed up to 63 m/s (at some selected grades). Range of application is very wide.

Grinding wheels and points mounted on spindles
For operating speed up to 40m/s. Shapes: cylindrical, conical, tapered, ogival, and spherical. Diameter of the spindle: 3 or 6 or 8mm. Types of bonds: ceramic and rubber (for polishing). They are suitable for grinding of holes and other hardly accessible places.

Rubber bonded products
Rubber bonds are based on synthetic rubber. The products are elastic and grinding wheels, regulating wheels for centerless grinding. Diameter of the wheels: 12 - 600 mm. Rubber bonded tools have advantage of polishing capabilities.

Segments, Stones and Files
Segments are applicable for surface grinding. Shapes available: flat, beveled, convex and concave as well. The group Stones and Files includes all hand grinding tools: double-grit flat stones, square; files with the following profiles : triangular, circular, semi-circular, oblong; honing stones, various types of sharpeners and truing stones for diamond wheels.

Grinding cloth and papers
Coated abrasives made of artificial corundum or flint on paper, twill, Molino, worsted yarn bonded by resin or glue. Available in sheets or bands. Applicable mostly for hand grinding.

Other resin bonded grinding wheels
It is a wide product mix comprising snagging wheels (for foundries), grinding and polishing wheels as well. Diameters of these wheels are from 50 - 900 mm. Working peripheral speed is up to 80m/sec.